Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hello Blogger-People!

After a little research (and creating accounts on a number of different blog sites), I've decided to move my blog from Mindsay to Blogger. Mindsay is very nice, extremely user-friendly (it has improved a great deal in the time I've been there), has some great people, and I feel a loyalty with it since it was my very first blog site (for my "regular life" journal), but it doesn't have nearly as many features as Blogger does... although I've just noticed that Blogger does not have an Undo/Redo option on the Create Post page. Additionally, Mindsay requires that people sign up for an account in order to comment, which is unfortunate.

Out of the few (free) blog sites I looked at and sampled, Blogger was perhaps the most user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.

So, here I am :)

I had so few posts on my Mindsay blog that I just copied and pasted them over to this one (since Mindsay isn't on the list from which to import posts).

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