Saturday, December 27, 2008

My name is Mallory and I am a fiber-holic.

Admitting the problem is the first step!!

The next step is to show off what I bought :D I bought these a little while ago, but finally got a Saturday with good light, so I could get good pictures. (Today was a huge picture-taking and internet-updating day.)

Blue Moon Fiber Arts had a 15% off de-stashing sale and I just had to take advantage of that, since I had never bought from them before. I got Icelandic in Basan. It's quite soft, but my yarn smells a bit like vinegar... The colors I got were brighter than those on the website, which I was quite happy with!

I also bought 2 skeins of Twisted in Tigers Eye. It's really pretty!! (I love tigers!)

You remember when I gushed over some yarn from Dragonfly Fiber Design in an earlier post? Well, I bought some. Woo! Here's the merino lace in Auburn. Pretty browns and purples blending together :)

And here's 3 skeins of soy lace yarn in the Tea Rose colorway. Pale yellow with a little bit of shine.

I also got a holiday present from my brother (i.e., I picked it out and my brother gave me his credit card number so I could order it). It was banana silk yarn from an Ebay store that sells natural yarns from Asia, including recycled sari silk and wool/silk blends. The yarn itself is quite cheap, but the shipping is high, so I would recommend buying multiple items. Be nice and they'll give a great shipping discount (I got 4 skeins shipped for the shipping cost of a single skein).

Ok, now I won't buy any more yarn.


JuliaA said...

hi mallory--you commented on my blog and i just thought i'd let you know that my earrings are available with stainless steel hooks, and i'm getting some goldplate components in the mail soon too!


(omg the dragonfly fiber gorgeous. i just got some incredible sock yarn for xmas and now i have to overcome my fear of skinny yarn!)

Lupie said...

Ok so I am now high on yarn! So would that make you a yarn pusher!
I wish you and your family a happy and most of all healthy New Year and lots of yarn!

Delighted Hands said...

Oh, what an incredible array of color-I am partial to several of them (golden colored and the tea rose one for starters!)
Thanks for visiting my blog!