Monday, December 8, 2008

More Yummy Yarn (That I Can't Have)

I'm pretty sure I looked through these two fiber stores for at least 2 hours at work today. I'm such a bum sometimes.

Dragonfly Fibers has really beautiful colors and is actually pretty affordable. If I hadn't already spent lots of money on Ebay and Blue Moon Fibers (hey - they had a de-stashing sale!) and the Knitting-Warehouse (it was also on sale! And tigers are my favorite animals!), I would totally buy her Auburn Squishy Lace Yarn. Mmmmmm!!! Pretty browns mixed with touches of deep purple - an excellent color combination :D This Summer Kisses Sock Yarn is also really pretty. Another genius color combo!

Sanguine Gryphon Fiber Arts not only has an awesome name (wink!), but also has really nice earthy and rich colors with names like Fig Tree, Ice Flower, A Fire is Smoking, Sharing Immortality, and... Nasal Explosion? Hehe...

I just read a Ravelry thread today talking about how the name of the yarn/fiber can actually have an effect on its appeal. I completely agree! I think that naming a colorway can be pretty important and some names can "entrance" people, as one poster said, and when you're selling fiber, entrancing people can pretty good for business ;) Especially when most of them have fiber addictions already!

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Lupie said...

I am glad you found Lesser Known Skeins. You have a great blog with great tips! I will visit and comment often.