Wednesday, December 3, 2008

One of My Favorite Yarn Stores

Well, ok, so I actually haven't bought from this store yet, but I've been practically drooling over it for the past few weeks. It's called The Painted Tiger and the woman who owns and runs it hand-dyes all of her yarn. She specializes in sock (fingering) yarn and her signature color is single- and multi-rainbow(s). As a sample, here are some links to ones that I really like:

Bulky- Aurora
Lace- Electric Blue
Worsted- Autumn Leaves

There are so many more that I like too AND she just added some new ones!

Anyways, I haven't bought any yet because it's a little pricey, even though some things go on sale, and I'm a little short on funds currently... even though I have a job... weird how that happens.

Actually, let's not lie, I know what happened. I just spent a week buying yarn on Ebay. Five medium to large packages total. Probably more than $200 in all. I told you I went crazy!! BUT most of them were really good deals, I swear! I'll put up pictures of some of the cool ones I got. (Which reminds me, I need a header image for this blog.)

So no actual knitting content in this post. I did make some headway on the blanket, but not enough to really take pictures and show people. I also started a scarf for my dad, but haven't gotten super far.

[Note: Originally posted Nov 11, 2008 on my previous blog]

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