Sunday, January 4, 2009

First Free Knitting Pattern! - Staggered Neck Warmer

I'm calling this my first free pattern because I'm still tweaking the first pattern I posted (I've discovered that I don't like non-reversible scarves).

Thus, I present to you the Staggered Neck Warmer!

So a few days ago, I was thinking about all the different stitch patterns I had learned and looked at so far. I really like reversible stitch patterns, mainly because I'm still knitting mostly scarves, and I like uniform stitch patterns like moss/seed stitch. And if I only have to knit one row, it's a plus, so I don't have to figure out which row I'm on after I take a break (believe it or not, I knit the wrong row on the Seeded Rib Easy Reversible Scarf and inverted the ribs in the last part of the scarf).

So I came up with a staggered 2x2 rib stitch that would also create columns of garter (also staggered), instead of columns of stockinette like in regular ribbing. The good thing is that it's completely reversible, thick, and stretchy both vertically and horizontally. It's a great alternative to regular ribbing or plain garter and has a really nice texture to it. It could be used wherever you need a thick, textured fabric that also has plenty of ease. And you only have to knit one row if you have stitches in multiples of 4 + 2, but it's super easy to use in any number of stitches as well. The negative thing is that it might get boring for more experienced knitters and even for beginning knitters.

Yarn: Lionbrand Homespun (I think - yes, this was another unlabeled yarn I bought, but pretty though, right?? I wish I knew which colorway it was...).
Yardage: I'm not really sure. I used what looked like half a skein (~80-90 yards).
Needles: US 10
Gauge: 14 stitches in 2x2 rib unstretched = 4"; 24 rows in garter unstretched = 4"
Size: 4" x 19" unstretched

CO 14 sts
Row 1: (K2, P2) x 3, end with K2

Repeat this row for 18-20 inches, until it fits comfortably around your neck.

Then make a row with 2 buttonholes. I made them 3 sts wide:
(Slip 1 st from the left to right needle knitwise with yarn in back.
Move yarn to the front of work and leave it there.
* Slip 1 st from the left to right needle knitwise.
Slip first slipped st over second slipped st and off the needle.
Repeat from * two more times.
Slip the last remaining slipped st back to the left needle knitwise.
Turn your work and bring the yarn to the front.
Tightly CO 4 sts onto the left needle - one more st than you bound off. I used a Cable Cast-On.
Turn your work.
Slip one st from the left to right needle knitwise.
Slip the last cast-on st over the next st, then slip this st back to the left needle knitwise.)
K1, P2, K1
Repeat instructions between (the parentheses) to make a second buttonhole.

[Other buttonhole options can be found here. The instructions above were adapted from Buttonhole 5 - I just had trouble with the Twisted Purlwise Cast-On.)

Work two more rows of (K2, P2) x 3, K2.

Sew two buttons onto the end opposite of the buttonholes. (I used two wooden beads and sewed them on with doubled embroidery thread because I couldn't find good buttons.)

And there you have it! Easy, right?

(Since this is my first complete pattern ever, any and all suggestions and criticisms are welcome!)


Anonymous said...

love the simplicity of your pattern. thanks!

Lupie said...

So pretty and those buttons are awesome!

Amybel said...

That looks nice on you. I love your header!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! I printed it up for my journal swap partner. She is a newbie and this might be a great project for her!! Thanks for sharing! Lisarn9

Anonymous said...

I'm going to make one for my Mum's 80th birthday. She will love it as she can put it on without messing up her hair. Simple but brialliant. Thank you so much.


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