Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Free Pattern PDF

I (kind of) figured out how to make my pattern into a PDF download using a site called Scribd.

So here's the Staggered Neck Warmer in a PDF viewer. You won't be able to save it to your own computer unless you have an account at Scribd, but you can print it by clicking "More" and "Print."

I've been testing this thing like crazy today, but please let me know if this doesn't work. I'm going to try and find another free file-hosting site later on to see if it works better, but if any of you know of one, send it my way!

Staggered Neck Warmer Pattern

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Amybel said...

Cool! I think this is great. Over on ravelry, they've talked about using (here's the link to the thread:
I only remember because I want to do what you are doing and have a .pdf of my pattern, if and when I can ever write up my notes! I'm going to remember this site too.