Friday, March 27, 2009


On Ravelry, I have discovered these fun things called "swaps." Some of them are like secret-santa-type gift exchanges, some of them are not secret, and some of them have partner pairings.

I got so excited, I have joined, like, 5 of them. I like ordering things online, because it's like getting a present when it comes, but with swaps, it really is a present!

My first swap completed was the Chocolate Group's Local/Regional Swap, where either the yarn or chocolate had to be local. It was a secret swap. Since my partner (SpiderSpins on Ravelry) has already received her package, I'm going to post pictures of it here. First, it's important to note that she likes black widow spiders, because I tried to keep with that theme in my package, starting with the actual box itself!

Inside, I got her:
  • a box of truffles from Stephany's (a chocolate company started in CO)
  • 4 pieces of Hershey's Organic Chocolate
  • lucky Chinese candy (mostly because the wrappers were red and she said red was her favorite color)
  • black, red, and white ribbon
  • the result of my first time dyeing silk hankies
  • some nylon firestar for her new drumcarder
  • thick-and-thin merino yarn hand-painted by me in shades of red
  • 1 skein Berroco Comfort in black
  • 2 balls of Peaches & Creme cotton in subdued earthy-type colors, since that was another favorite color combination of hers
  • treats for her cat
  • a couple spider-related patterns

My swap package came from SierraSkier (blog) on Ravelry, who gave me a TON of chocolate of all different sorts!

She got me:
  • 2 skeins of soft and beautiful yarn (Melody Superwash by Jojoland) in a really pretty blue-green color
  • truffles imported from France that she bought at her local health-food-type store. These look similar to the truffles that Whole Foods sells, which are really good!
  • a milk chocolate bar with peanuts and jalapenos
  • tequila-flavored chocolates
  • Longhorns chocolate with pecans and caramel, which looks really tasty
  • a Yorkie chocolate bar that says “It’s NOT for Girls,” which is funny, because anytime someone says something isn’t for girls, you know girls are going to try it anyway!
  • a hand-written letter explaining everything!
I have another swap package going out tomorrow, which is also exciting! The people in the Journal Swap group were put into pairs, and my partner was really on top of things, so her package really needs to go out soon!


lunaticraft said...

Very cool packages, both that you're giving, and that you've received. Swaps seem like so much fun! I can't wait until I have the time to participate in one!

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